What solutions do we need to propose to first-time buyers?

First-time buyers may have some queries in mind when buying their first property as it can be very tricky. To accommodate all types of issues, all new buyers must get to know these helpful tips. We can all make wrong decisions to achieve our milestones but if we pay proper attention to such things then it won’t be problematic for us in the future. Let’s look at a couple of things you’ll need to think about when purchasing your first property.

Need to have the right balance

You may have looked at dozens of homes and may even be planning to buy one but hold on for a second. Do you have the right balance? Don’t just settle for a house and neglect the things you were looking for just for the sake of convenience. To get a home you truly love, it’s important to achieve balance.

Get to know about leasehold & freehold

Do you know leasehold & freehold are technical terms? We need to know the difference and how it will help us as a homeowner. Get help from estate agents, they can help you in finding the best option. ESTATE AGENTS IN COVENT GARDEN also provide a handy guide which has all the frequently asked questions.

Interest rates & inflation

Do you know inflation always leave a great impact on mortgage payments? As interest rates go up, mortgage prices also rise, and monthly payments will be affected by this. Estate agents are always available to help you find the right mortgage option.

Additional Cost

When you buy a property, it may also include a variety of additional costs such as legal, mortgage & agent fees so make sure you include money to cover this in your budget. You can ask professional estate agents about the above additional costs, so you know just how much to set aside.

Monthly expenditures

This doesn’t just mean the mortgage; we need to set up a budget for all monthly outgoings. Bills such as electricity, gas, water and council tax and even money you plan on spending. If you set up a budget for that now you can avoid all sorts of trouble in the future.

Shared ownership

For all those who are buying a property with shared ownership then it’s imperative to know the share in your property even if you have 25% share then you also need to pay for maintenance of the building.


These are just some solutions that we propose to all the first-time buyers so they can get to know what is best for them. If they get stuck with any problem, then they should have a way to fix it. Davis Brown is one of the top-notch companies who have been providing you, people, a way to fix all property-related issues for years.